¿Qué es el panel secundario y cómo funciona en el panel smm?

¿Qué es el panel secundario y cómo funciona en el panel smm?

A child panel refers to a panel that has a restricted range of features and is associated with one of your primary panels.In the realm of SMM panels, there are primarily two types: regular panels and child panels. Regular panels, as the name suggests, are the primary panels available for immediate purchase on our cheapest SMM panel. They offer a wide array of features and functionalities. However, when it comes to child panels, it's important to understand the notable differences between these two SMM panel types.

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Contrasts between regular and child panels:

Ownership of Panels:

The primary distinction lies in panel ownership. Unlike regular panels, child panels are not exclusively owned by their purchasers. Ownership rights are shared with the owner of the regular panel to which the child panel is linked. Unless certain conditions are met and the owner of the regular panel agrees to transfer the rights.

It's important to be aware that when opting for a child panel due to its lower maintenance cost, full control is not guaranteed. The owner of the regular panel will always have access to your data, including panel users and staff members.

They can modify your access rules, change your account password, or even suspend it. Many individuals are unaware of these aspects when purchasing child panels. However, it is crucial to remember that the owner of the regular panel remains the ultimate authority.

This is often the primary reason why owners of child panels eventually decide to transition to regular panels. If you're interested, we can provide you with information on how to make the switch.

Child panel owners can have multiple staff members, although the number is significantly lower compared to regular panel owners.

Number of Providers:The second notable difference pertains to the number of providers. A child panel is limited to only one provider, which is the regular panel it is linked to. On the other hand, regular panels on our platform have unlimited provider options.

Maintenance Cost: Let's now discuss the cost of maintenance. Typically, child panels have a monthly cost of $25, and there are no limits on monthly orders. However, all orders are processed through the regular panel to which the child panel is connected. This means that the owner of the regular panel handles all orders in general. Therefore, if you purchase a child panel, major growth should not be expected, as the selection of features is significantly limited compared to regular panels. While regular panels may have higher maintenance costs, they offer greater functionality, which is essential for managing a large number of orders and expanding your business significantly.

Feature Selection and Limitations: Lastly, there are differences in the selection and utilization of features between regular and child panels.

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Differences and uses of child panels:

Unavailable Features: Child panels lack several key features, including an unlimited number of providers, admin API access, average time tracking, affiliate programs, the Multi-currency module, page updates, free balance management, and start count parsing. Additionally, child panels are unable to sell their own child panels.

Partial Features: Certain features, such as subscriptions and order refill options, are available to child panel owners to a limited extent. These features can only be utilized if the regular panel to which the child panel is linked provides them. In other words, child panels can only offer the subscriptions and order refill options available in the connected regular panel.

Limitations and Dependence: As evident, child panels lack many useful features or have significant usage limitations, which can hinder the overall user experience, especially for managing a large volume of orders and pursuing panel growth. It highlights the reliance of child panels on the regular connected panels. However, child panels serve as a valuable tool for smaller resellers due to their affordable maintenance cost.

Selling Child Panels: Child panels are fully white-labeled, allowing regular panel owners to sell them as a service to their customers. This presents an opportunity to expand the customer base and drive business growth, ultimately increasing revenue. This feature is particularly popular among inexperienced resellers who are just starting their ventures and find purchasing a child panel to be the most suitable option

Regular panel owners have the flexibility to initiate the sale of child panels at any time by simply enabling the corresponding feature in their settings. Once enabled, their customers will have the option to place orders for child panels directly through their regular panels. Furthermore, regular panel administrators have the ability to personally order child panels and privately communicate all relevant details to their customers.