How To Use smm panel For SEO

How To Use smm panel For SEO is an online service that specializes in social media marketing and SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses. The SMM panel is a powerful tool that will help you increase your reach on social networks by getting more likes, shares, retweets, follows, etc., as well as improve your search rankings by generating quality backlinks to your website from high page rank domains.

If you want to do SEO for your website, then just follow some simple steps.

Register/Login to

Step I: Register/Login to your account by clicking on the "Register" button in the site header and filling out a user profile form with all necessary information, enter an email address that you can access easily, create a strong password of at least eight characters long containing letters and numbers.

Step II: After registration is complete, go ahead and log into your account using credentials just created, so now we have an easy way of accessing the Account Settings page from our dashboard.

Add Funds:

Step I: Login to your account and select "Balance" from the top nav bar, then click on "+ Add Funds" under the panel heading of Balance.

Step II: Once you have clicked on this button, a pop-up should appear, which will allow you to transfer funds into your Balance by using either a bank card or PayPal payment methods. All payments are carried out in GBP (£) and charged at competitive rates that automatically update according to market conditions.

Some Payment Methods Accepted By Our System Include - Visa/Mastercard Cards (UK), Debit Card (UK & Ireland), Paypal, Google Wallet, And Many more.

Select Web Traffic By Country in Category:

Step I: Under the panel heading of "Stats," click on the drop-down box next to Category and select Web Traffic by Country.

Step II: Once you have clicked this button, a list will appear which contains all countries. Select any country from this list that you would like data for. The chart below should automatically update to show statistics about visits according to region or continent.

Choose Quantity:

Step I: Simply enter the number of visitors you would like to see data about.

Step II: By default, this will be set at "100," but if you want to increase or decrease that amount, then simply change it accordingly. If your website is getting more than 500 visits a day (or 5000 per week), then increasing the number may help with analyzing statistics accurately for each individual country and region. But please note that lower quantities are automatically filtered in order to save time on loading pages unnecessarily - as such, every page has an upper limit of 10000 queries when viewing 1000 entries per page which means there's no need for any visitor numbers over 20,000+ unless required.

Final Step Put URL Of Your Website:

After you have selected the amount, simply copy and paste your URL link into the "Link" box. Make sure to keep track of this URL as it will be needed in order to receive all of the statistics and data associated with your SMM panel account.

So now that you have everything set up click on "SUBMIT" and enjoy!